Over the coming weeks we will be announcing the exhibits and displays at the show, so please keep coming back..


Will be performing live on stage on Saturday morning with their comedy sketch based on short horror clips.

'Trailers of the Damned - The Good, the Bad...and the Dreadful'

Ever had your soul defiled by a demon masquerading as entertainment? The Wrecking Crew are here to help you get revenge by tugging on the plot holes and seeing what's behind the curtain.

Join us, as we defeat the hordes of bad movies using nothing but the magic of pure sarcasm and snark.


Check out this amazing cake company who make horror themed works of art.

Dare you set foot into the dark side of cake?

Karen Mitchell, the multi award winning cake artist from Sugarlicious Cakes is here to delve you deep into the mysterious world of horror and fantasy cakes.

Each cake you see is completely uniquely sculptured with love and FEAR. Specialising in horror, comic and fantasy genres, Karen's one-of-a-kind creations are perfect for all you cake lovers with a twist out there, ranging from birthdays all the way to huge events.
Bringing back the movie classics to life in edible form, take a bite out of your favourite movie monster, just watch out, it might bite back!

At the show you'll be able to see some of Karen's amazing sculptures with cake!


They are HOT and they are sassy, Enchantico and the Girls of Gorelesque are going to bring beauty and Burlesque live on stage for your entertainment with their dance act.

“Embracing all things weird, wonderful and mainly Gothic we use this to our advantage incorporating them into our performances.

Specialising in Burlesque and branching out to other forms like fire, pyro and aerial.

Based in Liverpool and containing 3 main crazy horror girls.

Vedma is our animal loving, gore obsessed little witch, you don't want to get on her bad side.

Kat Von Quinn is our wild girl, a thing of your nightmares, or dreams depending what your into...

And lastly we have Lex Cole, she may seem like our little fairy but she's definitely not a good one!

Find us on FB and Instagram @Enchantico or drop us an email

Don't miss our nightmare filled act. We look forward to seeing you there”

ROGUE CREATIONS SFX (Harry Potter/James Bond/The Decsent)

For the Liverpool and Birmingham horror specials Mike Peel will be bringing one of Victor Wright's creations to life, The Dark Lord: Seribulous as featured in Vic's series of books - Light of Darkness.

Watch how Mike brings the character to life throughout the day with the use of prosthetics and make up effects.

Rogue Creations SFX provide all manner of Special Effects for the film, TV, commercial and theatre industry ranging from big budget feature films to more independent and short films.

With over 15 years experience working in the FX industry they can provide a full range of high quality FX including

Prosthetics and Make-Up Effects
Life and Body Casting
Sculpting- Mouldmaking- Casting
Creature Design and Realisation
Horror and Fantasy Characters
Props and Replicas
Models and Miniatures

They also have a variety of props for hire or they can be tailor made for your project or production.

Company Director Mike Peel, has worked on a variety of blockbusters and features over the years for some of the top effects companies in the UK, as a freelancer he employed his skills on "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", "Casino Royale" , "V for Vendetta", "The Descent" and "Evil Aliens" and brings his vast knowledge and experience to Rogue Creations.

Mike also teaches and demonstrates SFX in a variety of colleges and schools.


Dare you walk through the Halls of Horror.  Are you brave enough to have your picture taken in one of our six themed rooms from your favourite horror films.  Including:  CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE - HELLRAISER ATTIC - FREDDY'S BOILER ROOM - BEAR TRAP - KILLER COUCH & SAW MURDER ROOM


Frankenstein's Monster as you have never seen him before!

28 of the UK's top prop-making, sculpting and SPFX make-up artists have been brought together to take part in a unique charity project.

Each artist has been given a bespoke Frankenstein-inspired monster bust, created and supplied by SVFX University of Bolton Special & Visual Effects team, with the simple instruction: Customise him into any design you like.

Once completed, the artists will then donate the finished busts back to Make-A-Wish UK, who will then auction off the busts via their online worldwide auction site.  All the artists and the back room project crew donate their time and skills totally free of charge and 100% of the proceeds raised will go to Make-A-Wish UK.

Last year the same project team raised a staggering £28,000 for Make-A-Wish at Star Wars Celebration London with a similar project featuring an iconic Star Wars Helmet. 30 artists took part creating such custom designs as Deadpool, Judge Dredd, Batman and a Studio Ghibli inspired design.  The busts will be going on a UK tour during 2017 taking in such conventions as Liverpool Horror Con (7th/8th October) and finishing the year at Birmingham Horror Con Halloween Special October 28th & 29th 2017.

In addition to the above conventions, people will be able to start viewing the completed busts from May 2017 via various social media outlets.  The project busts then go to auction on October 31st 2017, ending November 5th 2017

For Further information and updates you can follow the project and all its progress at:




Long term monster fan since childhood Paul is a self taught FX artist. As he works in education he is used to having projects with small budgets, but doesn't believe that this means any less imagination, In fact it is even more of a challenge.

He works in prosthetic make up , fabrication, puppet making, blood gags, and all-sorts of monster making, make up FX and creature design.

‘I have worked as a set designer and painter and prop builder. This is why I use the term I am an ‘Imagineer’, an Artist, a maker of the weird and the wonderful. I have worked on film, music video, and theatre. Recent times I have been doing make up demos and exhibiting pieces at shows and events around the country, and working alongside Mandala Studios in Coventry Creating creatures.’


Andy Savage is a Freelance Special Effects & Prosthetic Make-Up artist with a penchant for all things, horror, fantasy, and the Macabre.

Andy was born and is based in Liverpool, England where he set up Savage SFX just over 5 years ago and has been steadily carving a good name for himself in the industry, working on everything from independent award winning horror movie "Good Tidings" to larger projects for clients such as 20th Century Fox.He can also be found running special effects education workshops and demonstrations across the UK.

"I am so excited to be asked to show the horror community in my home city my horrific creations and live makeup demo's, can't wait to see you all at Liverpool HorrorCon in October"



Z Brothers are a talented Team, creating and developing special effects character makeup’s at shows around the UK. There character makeup’s are not for the fainthearted, with a keen eye for detail with the flare to design zombie and horror characters to scare their hardiest of fans, this dynamic team have seen their popularity soar within the professional makeup industry.

Dean Garner, became hungry for special fx makeup and started to create more realistic looks at home, assisted by his wife, Emma Garner who is often seen at shows under numerous applications of zombie and gore makeup. Dean continues to build his skill set and shares his knowledge and passion with fellow artists and students, Dean himself began to teach himself prosthetic's at an early age he was inspired by artist Stuart Bray who is a leader in prosthetic application within the professional industry. Dean is complimented by brother Chris, the team continue to work on various productions for tv, and film, which have allowed Z Brothers to grow their brand and popularity within the special effects industry

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