Over the coming weeks we will be announcing the traders at the show, so please keep coming back.  Please note not all traders are listed - only the ones who have sent information into us for submission on the website are shown.


Psycho comics specalise in comics, original artwork and limited edition prints. They are bringing to the show CGC graded titles and huge array of horror comics, such as The Walking Dead.

Their new range of resin kits include Regan (The Exorcist), Hermun Munster and Space Jockey all of which are limited in stock – so get them whilst you can.


Rock n' roll Suicide has a fabulous selection of all things horror.

We have a large range of Kreepsville 666 and Rock Rebel products including bags, wallets, ladies and mens t-shirts, patches, necklaces, hair accessories, enamel pin badges, skirts, towels and drinking glasses featuring Bride Of Frankenstein, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Dracula, Elvira, Frankenstein, Mars Attacks, Munsters, Psycho and Vampira to name a few.

We also have an extensive selection of classic horror patches with well over 100 to choose from including coffin shaped back patches.



3D PRINTING with 3D Parrot

At the show we'll have the latest technology available to you that will not only capture the memory of the show, but will create a unique model of yourself, your friends and family (if you choose so).

3D Parrot creates bespoke full-colour 3D printed statuettes of you and your loved ones. These capture moments in time unlike any photo you’ve ever seen before. They believe these make brilliant mementos or gifts for any occasion. With their unique scanner design they can take over 100 photos from different angles in less than half a second to ensure they capture every detail of you and your outfit. These photos are then used to create a virtual model of you from which they can print a statuette.

Whilst their primary materials are full-colour sandstone and plastic they also have the ability to print in a range of exotic materials including bronze, gold and platinum. These make wonderful jewellery and trophy pieces.


Welcome to Danni's Corner : Oddities and Crafts.

Danni's Corner specialises in Zom-bears: hand zombified, gory, little teddy bears each with their own dark theme, inspired by horror, literature etc.

In addition, we also make other horror related gifts, art work, short horror stories and quirky crafts.

Find our new short horror's on Amazon, available on paper back and Kindle.


Girl on Purl Action is an independent business born out of a lifelong passion for yarn-craft, mythology, the natural world and popular fiction. Based in Liverpool, we strive to project our unique vision of fun and imagination. Our designs are different, vibrant & unconventional, influenced, largely, by nature & the Japanese amigurumi & kawaii; it’s why a lot of things have faces.

We do not use wool, but rather acrylics, bamboo & cottons so all items are vegan friendly.

Although thought by some that crafting with yarn is an archaic practice, relegated to retirees and rocking chairs, we are here to prove different!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/GirlOnPurlAction
Website: www.girlonpurlaction.co.uk


There is something very wrong with Ethan Welles.

As a child, Ethan would wake every night to the sound of his own screams. Through terrified tears, the boy would tell his mother of a monstrous figure that pursued him through endless dark corridors, whispering awful things in an inhuman voice. Eventually, to preserve the boy's sanity, professional help was sought.

Now a grown man, Ethan thought the nightmares from his childhood to be a thing of the past. He thought the terror banished by years of therapy and anti-psychotics.

He was wrong. The nightmares came back. He came back.

The darkness inside Ethan won't stop until it claims him and it isn't alone.

There are others.

This graphic novel is not for the faint-hearted. It'll hit you in the face like a fistful of meat-hooks.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bastardsoncomic/
Website: www.comixcentral.com/product/bastard-son-murderborn/


Knot Like That - decoupage with comics manga and books. Don't worry I hear you gasp with horror, the books used are damaged or unwanted and we give them a new lease on life. We cover a wide range of products from coasters to hairbrushes, trinket boxes, desk tidy’s, bangles, headbands nothing is safe from being smothered in comics.

Wait there's more we also make paper flowers. We’re forever making something or going 'hmmmm I wonder' - so who knows what we will have to tempt.



At Transylvania Wine we truly believe in astonishing quality and gentility of Romanian Wines. Our aim is to present new, strong character wines that will surprise and delight customers looking for exciting tasting experiences.

WINES A selection of high quality wines made of grapes harvested in the very heart of Dracula’s realm.

SPIRITS A selection of spirits, crafted in Transylvania with our century-old traditions.



Frisson Comics are a Liverpool based indie horror comics creator founded by Katie Whittle and Tom Smith. We create creepy, unusual comics zines and art and will be showcasing our latest books The Trade at Liverpool Horror Con!




Hive Mind is an independent company working in the Baltic area of Liverpool.

Hive Mind designs are inspired by creatures from beyond our comprehension.

All products are hand screen printed by our minions to the highest quality.




Joe K Worrall is a realism tattoo artist and artist, Co owner of Heart & Arrow - Tattoo Studio, with his wife, based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Being a long time horror fan his main influences on his tattooing, drawing and painting has been horror. He has been Tattooing for around 8 years



Nick Stead is a supernatural horror and dark fantasy author from Huddersfield. He has a lifelong obsession with werewolves so it's no surprise his debut novel is a werewolf story, which he started writing back in 2003, while he was still in his GCSE years at school.

What was originally intended to be a short story quickly grew into ideas not just for a full length novel, but an entire series, and with the realisation of this his dream to one day be published was born. That dream was finally realised in 2015 and he has since brought out the second book, Hunted, and has almost finished drafting the third, which he hopes to have ready for release later this year.

Aside from the Hybrid series, he has also written several short stories which you can read for free on his website, and he has plans for a dark fantasy novel in future, as well as several other horrors.



As an artist, I am regenerating lost and broken items by giving these items a horror inspired make over. I am a lifelong fan of horror films and Halloween, and feel unwanted/broken items deserve some attention and TLC to find a new loving home.

Camp Hell has an Etsy store: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/camphell
Camp Hell is also on Facebook and Instagram: camphellartist


NMB Artworks is Nathan Michael Barlow, a Nottingham based artist. He produces original artwork in a range of materials, inspired by all sorts of pop culture - Horror, Sci Fi, Music, Tattoos, Graphic Novels and everything in between.

He will have a range of designs (including lots of Horror!) available as various products - art prints, badges, coasters, t-shirts, coasters and more!

If you'd like to reserve any items or discuss any commissions beforehand, please get in touch!



Chupacabra are a one stop shop for freaks and weirdos. Specialising in 'something different' you will be able to find everything from Taxidermy to Alternative Fashion and homeware in their collection of weird and wonderful treasures.

Website: www.chupacabrauk.co.uk

Facebook. www.facebook.com/chupacabrauk


The Theatrical Make-Up store is part of That's Entertainment Dancewear Ltd.

We are a family run business based in Liverpool and have been established for 28 years. The Theatrical Make-Up Store stock many different brands of horror effects make-up from such companies as Mr Dashbo, Kryolan, Ben Nye, Mehron and Paintglow. We stock many SFX products from Rigid Collodion to Blood Gels. Also many types of fake bloods from Blood Splatter to glow In The Dark Zombie Blood.

If you're creating a scar or broken bone we have the products you need.


Genki Gear produces original t-shirts that stand out amongst a crowd! We take our influences from Japanese culture, Anime, gaming and science fiction and add to it dash of unique humour, which has become our trademark. All our printing is done in the UK and we print our designs across our full range of styles so there’s always a Genki Gear t-shirt or for you.

All our ranges are ethically produced and of the highest quality so you can wear you Geek with Pride!

In addition we check out our range of gifts including Mugs, cosplay ears and cards which are all ethically produced and great funl

If you can’t make it to the show then check out our website at http://www.genkigear.com
or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


James E. Parsons, B.A. Hons Media Production worked in animation and film production. A few years ago he turned to writing screenplays then short fiction and finally novels. His first two SF novels are Orbital Kin and Minerva Century. He was born in Newcastle, and moved to Manchester just over a decade ago and is married.

James first horror novel is called Northern Souls, and should be published late Sept/early Oct in time for Liverpool Horror Con. It focuses on the rise of demonic tribes in the North East of England.

Twitter- @ParsonsFiction
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/ParsonsFiction/


Jack Strange, or J.S. Strange, is an author from South Wales. In 2016, he published his first novel, 'Winter Smith: London's Burning', a zombie apocalypse thriller. The second novel from the Winter Smith series, 'Winter Smith: The Secrets of France', will be released summer 2017, and will be available to buy at Liverpool horror con. As well as selling his books, Jack will be selling his own merchandise from his new clothing brand, Strange Apparel. So read a zombie apocalypse novel in style, and Wear Strange!





Check out this amazing cake company who make horror themed works of art.

Dare you set foot into the dark side of cake?

Karen Mitchell, the multi award winning cake artist from Sugarlicious Cakes is here to delve you deep into the mysterious world of horror and fantasy cakes.

Each cake you see is completely uniquely sculptured with love and FEAR. Specialising in horror, comic and fantasy genres, Karen's one-of-a-kind creations are perfect for all you cake lovers with a twist out there, ranging from birthdays all the way to huge events.

Bringing back the movie classics to life in edible form, take a bite out of your favourite movie monster, just watch out, it might bite back!

At the show you'll be able to see some of Karen's amazing sculptures with cake! Trust me - these are well worth a look and are very popular at our shows.


Janine Van Moosel is a horror fanatic freelance artist specialising in illustration and portrait art. Known for her work in City of Lost Souls horror comic and an eclectic mix of fan art styles.

For more information:

Instagram @janinevanmooselart
Twitter @J9vanM


Greg James is the author of the critically-acclaimed Vetala Cycle trilogy and the best-selling Age of the Flame series. He was born in Essex and grew up on the south-east coast of England. He has taught English as a foreign language in the Far East. He lives in London where he can be found writing into the small hours of the morning during week nights, and sleeping in on Saturdays.

You can find out more at http://gregjamesauthor.co.uk


The Forgotten Imp are a company with over 5 years experience making props, costume pieces, models and special effects for events, TV, commissions and film. We cater for all budgets and all manner of imaginative designs.

You think it and we will help to make it happen.

We will be attending Liverpool Horror Con with a selection of small handmade fantasy/horror inspired models and busts based on original designs along with a few fan favourites too.

As well as our models there will be some Cosplay/Costume based pieces on sale. Goblin masks, Wolf heads, demonic gauntlets, wearable creature horns and wall hanging Dragon head trophies to name a few. So please drop by our stall for a chat.


Founded in Liverpool in 2011 by Mike McGee & Tom Walker, Big Foot Studios has worked closely with many Studios and Companies around the world.

Big Foot Studios have provided official illustrations for John Carpenters 'The Thing' and 'Big Trouble in Little China', Upper Deck Entertainments 'Alien' and 'Predator' Legendary Card games and Jason Flemyngs Horror movie 'Eat Local' to name but a few.

We will be attending Liverpool Horror Con this year with Exclusive Limited edition Art Prints that wont be sold at any other show.

We are looking forward to this amazing show in our home city and we cant wait to show you what we have up our sleeves!


Clare Thompson grew up in Liverpool and studied Illustration in Manchester. She believes growing up in Liverpool has influenced her visual preferences for industrial and urban subject matter, especially when merged with natural patterns and biological forms.

She makes artwork using a variety of media and is visually drawn to objects and surfaces with worn and varied textures as she likes to experiment with texture, abstract compositions and reflections in her work.

Since graduating in 2011 she has spent her time working with people of all ages and developing artwork though various projects including her current debut graphic novel in progress titled "Stormcaller".

The story deals with ideas around fear, xenophobia and the insecurities we face in today's society around guilt, blame and personal identity.

She is interested in creating art that for her reflects the contrast between our simultaneous digital and natural lives and question the potential consequences for a future generation and society that is both Android and Ape.

You can find out more about her art work and projects at www.androidsandapes.com


If you like the weird and bizarre you are going to love these guys!

“We hand craft bespoke items or Props for All Theme like Horror / Halloween or film Nights or your Birthday Celebrations to Wedding tables Decorations.”

For more information




The Raven's are identical twins from Cardiff who love all things horror. They spend their time looking after their animal army and drinking more Red Bull than the recommended government guidelines. They write short stories, novels, and articles for Haunted Magazine and have been published in various anthologies and horror magazines.

They’ve been long-listed in the Exeter Novel Prize twice, the Flash 500 Novel competition twice, and the Bath Novel Award. Soul Asylum was shortlisted in the 2012 National Self-Publishing Awards and Deadly Reflections was highly recommended in the 2014 awards. Several short stories have also been long and shortlisted in various competitions. Recently, they won third prize in the British Fantasy Society Award. A recent publication was in the Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper, which makes their fascination with him seem less creepy. Along with their friend Neen, they prowl the country hunting for ghosts for their YouTube show, Calamityville Horror and can also be found urb exing in places they shouldn’t be and can often be found playing D&D/RPGs and occasionally falling off poles as they learn PoleFit.



Rock n' Roll Suicide have an extensive range of horror related products for sale including a large selection of Kreepsville 666 products. These include Elvira bags, jewellery, patches, skirts, cardigans, pin badges and a coffin shaped beach towel, Vampira bags, patches and a coffin shaped beach towel and Mars Attacks items including bags, patches and skirts.

We also have a large selection of classic horror patches including large coffin shaped back patches and small coffin shaped patches. Amongst the titles that we have for sale are Addams Family, Chucky, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Dracula, Evil Dead, Frankenstein, Friday The 13th, Hellraiser, It, Lost Boys, Nosferatu, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Wicker Man to name a few.  We also have a large range of jewellery by Alchemy and Kreepsville 666.

Our full range of products can be found on our website www.rocknrollsuicide.com
And our face book page can be found at www.facebook.com/rocknrollsuicideuk


Horror. Monsters. Imagination.

Hellbound Media, founded by Matt Warner and Mark Adams, are small press publishers of horror and dark fantasy comics.  Home of popular characters Mandy the Monster Hunter, Gabriel Cushing and the goregasmic 70s Grindhouse homage Slaughterhouse Farm.

This year Hellbound Media comic The Disease, written by top horror author Paul Kane, was nominated for a Ghastly Award as best horror one shot. 

2017 will see Mandy the Monster Hunter debut in British indie anthology series Comichaus written by Mandy creator Matt Warner with art by Red Mask from Mars' Vincent Hunt.

Hellbound Media also produce horror movies, including the upcoming Clownface directed by Alex Bourne, and are UK agents for the Pyramid Gallery's high quality Hellraiser puzzleboxes replicas.


The Custom Cupcake Company - based in both Liverpool and Devon are a quirky, unique cakery who specialise in the unusual. With over 300 flavours of cupcake to choose from plus award winning brownies, handmade fudges, macarons, cookies and marshmallow - there's always something to tempt. We have a fantastic client base which includes the cast of The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and many more. We are huge horror fanatics, so Liverpool Horror Con is the perfect platform to show off our goriest (yet delicious) wares, and also have a fantastic time with the best people!


Dammaged Comics is an independent publisher from Liverpool, publishing exclusive material by Dave McCluskey, a graphic novelist also from Liverpool.

Working mostly in the horror genre we have produced a number of graphic novels and shorter comics, including Three Days in the City, a zombie-Esque comic based in Liverpool.

Other titles include Doppelgänger, the comedy horror DeathDay Presents, the zombie survivalist series The Few, plus working with extreme horror author Matt Shaw to bring his best selling novel Sick B*stards into a graphic novel format.

We also work on bringing graphic novels and comics to children and have published a number of books with children in mind, including Interesting Tymes and the spin off series Edward D’Ammage Presents: The Wedding, the Christmas graphic novel Olf and a unique version of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol working closely with Beano artist Joe Matthews.

Further information can be found on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/dammagedcomics


Plentiful Pictures & Photography creates detailed and depth shading drawings inspired by movies, television, gaming, wrestling, pets, nostalgia ....the list is infinite.

If you can’t see it! Just ask, there's nothing that can’t be produced! There is a variety of prints to purchase which includes Classic Horror Movies, Count Duckula, Hotel Transylvania, Hocus Pocus and many more additions to add the board which you can keep update with on her social media pages! In addition come and familiarise yourself with her photography projects which includes fashion, wedding and sports!

Her full portfolio is available to browse at www.facebook.com/plentifulpictures


Square Orange Art: Long term horror hound Martyn Rotherham uses oil paints and digital media to create unique artwork. Square Orange Art sells the original paintings as well as prints. They also stock a growing range of exclusive Mini-Thu T-shirts. Square Orange Art will also be selling their first comic and are already working on several more. There really is no rest for the wicked - So there will be a limited edition artwork piece made specifically for this event.


Darren Tilson is a Painter illustrator of characters from popular Tv and Movies such as the Walking Dead, Classic Horror icons and Marvel DC characters and his own weird and wonderful creations!

He has over 15 years of experience in the field and has a unique style of art. A huge walking dead fan and can been seen getting in on the fun at conventions dressed as the Notorious Negan from the Walking Dead.

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